What Are Types of Scholarships That Can Fund Your College Study?

There are many different kinds of scholarships programs available for college students to apply and win some free money to fund their college study. Each scholarship program has a different goal it wants to accomplish by awarding scholarship money. So, even you do not have the best grades, the higher scores in your school examinations or the most outstanding on the athletic field, you shouldn’t give up scholarship search. Chances are that you are uniquely qualified for scholarships that you never even considered. Here are the major types of scholarships that you can search for.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to students bursaries who have demonstrated a good talent in their academic. These scholarships go to the students with the best grades, the highest test scores, and the most challenging course loads. While some private organizations sponsor academic scholarships, most are awarded by the colleges themselves and by state governments. If you have outstanding academic qualifications, you should apply these scholarships.


Have you heard about scholarship sweepstakes? Like other type of contests, it is a type of contest that award scholarships as prizes. There are many themes of contests, some contests may award to best essays or speeches written on a particular subject. Others reward students for science, technological, or internet projects. If you have talent in any of these areas, you should seek out contests that award scholarships.

Career & Academic Interest Scholarships

The career & Academic Interest Scholarships normally sponsored by academic organizations, professional associations, industry groups, companies, and academic departments within a college. To be eligible, you often need to declare a major or otherwise demonstrate to the scholarship judges that you are serious about pursuing the field of study that the scholarship supports.

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships are particularly dedicated for sport men and women. Athletic departments of colleges and universities sponsor most athletic scholarships. Big schools will woo the best jocks in the most popular sports; if you can’t compete in that arena, look at smaller colleges and universities with ambitious sports programs. Though you skills may not have gotten you far at Big State U, the smaller college may be happy to have you and willing to supply scholarship money to entice you to attend.

Community Service Scholarships

While you are in high school, volunteer yourself to serve in local hospitals, animal shelters, retirement homes or libraries or any places that need volunteer workers. You are certain to find opportunities for community service that match your particular interests. And all your hard volunteer work is likely to pay off in scholarship money. Many scholarship programs seek out students with strong backgrounds in community service.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

If you have disability or a long-term medical condition, you may likely eligible for scholarships specially dedicated for this group of students. The best source of information about such scholarships is the office of disability support services at your college or university.


Scholarships are not just for the best students. There are many scholarship reward programs which may fit your qualifications. You shouldn’t give up the scholarship search just because you do not have the best grades or the most prowesses on the athletic field.


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