Tree Wall Art – Instant Palm Trees

I am constantly amazed at how little it takes to make an interesting decor from a few bits and pieces. Of course it helps to have a theme which ties the whole thing together, and palm tree wall art can be done in many ways from cheaply to hugely expensive. The advantages of the cheaper version is that it can be a transitional or seasonal touch to bring the outdoors in or in some other way enhance the mood for a few months; and also help your vision become concrete before making that last-a-lifetime investment!

So using the example of palm trees, a temporary beach theme could let the brightness of summer invade your living or sleeping space. Another popular decoration involving tree wall art would be to use an Egyptian theme. Depending upon your location you may find what you need on the beach, or local nursery. However you can overdo the natural accessories unless you have an artistic flair. Having said that it is amazing how effective a little set designing can be!

For this purpose artificial decor may be the answer, then add in a few natural pieces, to create an artful effect.

Troll through the local markets or thrift and gift shops metal leaves wall art for inexpensive trinkets and posters. Plastic or silk palm fronds and other flat greenery will lay against a wall perfectly when held with double sided tape or Blu-Tack. Position them behind a side table or large vase with smaller fronds and foliage creating a three dimension.

The best examples of tree wall art are those which are come across unexpectedly-that is, on a hidden wall, or in a surprising place. Small or odd shaped walls with a dominating piece of metal sculptured wall art look brilliant!

Use tree colors- all shades of green and neutrals, perhaps mixed with white. Green works best used for highlighting or accenting. This is restful and more natural. The use of a toning color scheme in the room containing the palm tree wall art ties the theme together.

Dip dead branches in paint, and frame the tree wall art to define its area, with a photo frame and background color. The dead palm tree flower spike form is beautiful, delicate and interesting. Once it is finished flowering the denuded branch stems are good painted for decorative purposes. Live (unpainted) or dead fronds, the fan shaped is attractive, can be used but depending on the size of the original tree, look at cutting it down to fit.

Palm tree upkeep requires cutting down dead fronds, and general de-cluttering of the tree. If you live in an appropriate area, or are visiting, collect a few fronds or other parts, to think about when you get home.

Large photos can look amazing: particularly cropped in on parts of the tree. Take a close up of the whole tree (one well maintained with no dead foliage) and then crop to a full frame of leaves, for instance.

Because the palm tree is large and distinctive, a display needs to be limited to one wall dominating feature. It is not subtle, but creates instant art!


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