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The use of a technical writing service is sometimes dismissed by organizations even when paper writer service circumstances beg for it. Most often, the use of a technical writing service is overlooked, because the talent to do the work is already on staff. The problem is that while you might well have a team comprised of professionals with suitable qualifications and experience, their talents are often consumed with other responsibilities. Consider whether your business suffers from any of the following issues:

• You lack the resources to maintain existing manuals for your products or services
• There is a lag in the creation of new internal manuals and other technical documentation
• Your personnel are not adequately supported by process manuals
• There are no up-to-date training materials for new employees
• You have periods of excessively heavy workload

Your employees are likely occupied with the management, research, or development for which they were hired. Should you really divert them from the valuable functions they perform when a technical writing service can do the job? In most cases it is best to delegate the task of creating technical documentation to a technical writing service.

Technical writers collect information from existing materials and from experts in the field on a particular subject matter. A good technical writer will know, or be able to readily assimilate, industry jargon and established conventions and be able to draft the technical documentation in such a manner that it is user friendly in format and is easily understood by those who need to follow it.

Although some technical writing services will operate in a niche, a professional technical writing service is usually able to handle producing technical documentation along a broad spectrum. Service providers generally pride themselves on producing highly customized documentation for your business. In fact, you may request documentation to augment your existing framework or you can order an entirely new, coherent package. At the very least, you should expect to see assistance with writing most of the following on offer:

• Product specifications
• Service manuals
• User guides
• Software or hardware documentation
• Data sheets
• Training manuals
• Distance learning and video instruction
• Editing and proofreading
• Publication

As a matter of course, production of the technical document or package of documents should go through the following procedural steps:

1. Project planning
2. Identification of objectives to be facilitated
3. Analysis of document users and usage
4. Consideration of resources and limitations
5. Content compilation
6. Formatting selections
7. Writing
8. Editing and proofreading
9. Testing
10. Document revision

The value of good technical documentation should not be underestimated since the material will be in use and providing benefits long after completion of the project. Needless to say, you need a good technical writing service to provide you with top quality technical documentation.

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