Signs That a Person Needs Hospice Services

There is a negative notion about hospice that it is only for those who have no more chance to survive their illness. This type of service is often called “end of life care.” Patients who enter the hospice do not come there for treatment. Entering this type of facility does not mean the patient or their family is giving up. For patients and families who have to go through the agony of dealing with a foreseeable death, hospice care simply means taking control and choosing quality of life.

How do you know when a patient is ready for hospice care?

Repeated hospitalization and frequent trips to the ER. Patients who are rushed to the ER in frequent intervals may indicate that their deteriorating health may be coming to a halt soon. Cancer patients, for example, who are in the hospital every so often and comes back only after a few days imply that their body no longer accepts the medication being given to them. The patient’s body has stopped responding to treatment.

Failure to recuperate after a medical set-back or hospitalization. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is the point where the patient is not capable of bouncing back any more. The body is not responsive to any medication and the illness is progressively taking over the patient’s body. This is an ideal time to get hospice care. Frequent trips to the ER are not only exhausting for the patient, but for their families as well.

Increased pain, vomiting, or other symptoms. A person who hospice near orange county  is terminally ill will likely live a day alternating between vomiting, feeling lethargic, and feeling increased pain in whichever part of the body.

Decreasing alertness. Due to the distress brought about by the illness, patients lose their usual vitality and energy. Frequent hospitalization, unending hospital tests, and other physical manifestations of pain due to illness drain the remaining energy of a patient. These are cases in which it is better to administer pain management and symptom management. Rather than letting a patient endure all these, choosing to get hospice care where they can be made comfortable is a far better decision.

Increasing assistance is needed to help the patient walk, eat, bathe, or use the toilet. Patients who cannot help themselves do simple tasks need a dedicated caregiver or 24/7 assistance they can rely on.

Unmatched symptom and pain relief, and emotional support are what terminally ill patients and their families need. Hospice services are a positive end-of-life option, allowing patients and their loved ones to liberate themselves from denying the inevitable. At this point, these patients no longer seek to be cured.

Recognizing the perfect time to enter into hospice and palliative care programs will give families quality time with their dying loved one. There are many forms of this care such as home care and hospital-like settings. Entering a hospice program is a hard decision both for the patient and their family. Any indication of the things mentioned above and a genuine desire to make the remaining days of a loved one’s life signals the perfect timing.


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