Motivating You to Stop Smoking Weed

So, why do you want to quit smoking Weed? What is it that you want to have or be when you quit?

Do you want freedom, confidence or to be better at your job? Whatever it is, take a minute to think about how your life could be if you quit smoking Weed. Imagine what it would be like to have freedom to do all they things you have been wanting to do.

Close your eyes for a moment and do this now! Ask yourself ‘what will quitting Weed do for me, get me or give to me.’ If you actually took the time to do this then I’m sure your getting excited about quitting!

It IS Exciting to stop smoking Weed.

So quitting Weed can be and IS fun. We often make quitting sound like something we’re not looking forward to, maybe even something we’re dreading! This doesn’t help when we are trying to find the motivation we will inevitably need at some point when quitting. If your not looking forward to putting the Weed down and have been putting it off for for a while this is probably the why.

Don’t wait for the perfect time.

I said for about three years that I was going to stop smoking Weed, but eventually I realized that I was just going to have to bite the bullet and go for it. I just couldn’t go another three years smoking whilst Weed was causing me so much pain mostly in the form of depression. In the end, I decided that now was the time. Actually three years before was the perfect time but I knew that I had to just put my foot down and do it. weed online bestellen 

Now is the perfect time. Think of everything you would have now if you had quit when you first wanted to, chances are high that you would either be well on your way to your ideal ‘Weed free’ life or you would at least be over the first week which is, in my opinion the only difficult part.

If you can stop smoking Weed for a week, then you have done it! Just continue doing what you have been doing and you have quit! This is the only way you will ever quit, just do it. You won’t be able to quit until you smoke your very last joint, and remember it’s something to be excited about not something to be worried about. Stop smoking Weed today.

Too many people say they want to do something but never actually get around to doing it, don’t be one of these people. I have no doubt that when you stop smoking Weed it will be one of or possibly the most important thing you do in your life! I can guarantee AT LEAST, it will be life changing and your life will only get better once you stop smoking Weed!

My name is Steven Knightley and I smoked Weed heavily for seven years. I know just how badly it can effect people and wish to help as many people quit smoking Weed as I can. I studied everything I could find to help me quit and now I’d like to teach you everything I have learned in that time-in the most concise form possible.

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