Mobile Car Washing in Flagstaff – Good Demographics and Decent Economy

One of the best places to do mobile detailing and mobile car washing is in Arizona. There are number of cities which are quite business friendly, and where people have lots of money left over due to the lower cost of living. Of course there is Tucson, and the greater Phoenix area, but there are also other markets that you might not have considered such as Prescott, Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Bull Head City, Casa Grande, and Flagstaff for instance. Let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about the city of “Flag” for a moment, as a potential to start a mobile detailing company.

First, you may not realize this but there is quite a bit of wealth in the city, and there are more PhD’s per capita than nearly any other town on the West Coast, well at least at one time in the past decade, which is something that the economic development department in Flagstaff likes to promote. I think it ranks up in the top three right now.

A highly educated workforce and population means that they drive nicer cars, and are busy doing other things, meaning they probably don’t clean their own cars much. Because Flagstaff is right off of a major freeway, and it sits at a crossroads there is lots of traffic, tourists, and income flowing into the area.

There are lots of opportunities also for businesses of this type to get decent labor at a low cost. Many University students enjoy working outside, and are athletic enough to handle the pace and workload. Downtown Flagstaff is an excellent place to clean cars with all the cool shops, and there is quite a bit of night business available if you work with the valet parking companies doing washing and doing nighttime auto detailing. The industrial areas have lots of smaller businesses, and office parks. There is a giant industrial area along the railroad track with lots of fleets to clean also.

During the wintertime things can get tough, remember Flagstaff is pretty high up in altitude compared to the population center areas. It gets freezing sometimes, especially when they have blizzard like conditions and the snow builds up for weeks on end. However if you have a pressure washer, and if you are using a hot-water pressure washer on your mobile carwash and detailing rig you can use it to clean off the sidewalks downtown, along with the signage to keep the image clean for shoppers who like the folksy atmosphere.

There is some competition in the phone book in Flagstaff Arizona, and I did meet one auto detailer who said there were several other people in town doing the same type of work, but he didn’t mind, because he was always busy. In fact he was so busy that he was turning away work. I’m not sure if that’s the case right now with the slump in our economy, but Flagstaff seems to be doing quite well, so I assume there’s enough business for everyone. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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