Marketing Software: Does it Really Save Time Marketing Your Business?

Is marketing software really time-saving? This debate has been going on for as long as computers have existed, and there are three major points of contention that keep it going year after year.

This article does not claim to convince you that you should use best marketing software solutions in marketing. It is meant to give you both sides of the argument, so that you can weigh each side of the argument when you are ready to explore marketing software solutions for you business.

These are the three main arguments for using marketing software.

1. Is the computer able to think creatively?

2. Is the time spent learning a software program worth the money in the long-term?

3. Can the computer program be modified to provide the results you want?

There are many other concerns, but we will only focus on these three.

Is the computer able to think creatively?

The answer is no, at least on a basic level. Software is only as imaginative as its programmer. If the programmer is familiar with the situation and can create prompts that allow the user to input creatively to generate a result that is not possible to produce on their own, the software automation is a success.

A marketing plan creator software program can be programmed with a set of situation analysis questions that allows the user to examine their market through the promptings. Sometimes, users don’t know what questions they should ask. However, they can answer them if the questions are presented in a systematic manner. This is where marketing software can become a strong partner.

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