Hunter Leveling Guide – Is “Hunter” the Ultimate Class?

There are several classes in World of Warcraft that just seem to peak the interests of players more than others. They constantly have higher numbers than the other classes and probably for good reason. They are usually either highly overpowered due to a recent patch, or they are just plain fun. The hunter falls into the latter category. With their combination of high and sustainable dps, awesome pets to tinker with, and crowd control through traps, they are one of the most entertaining classes to play in World of Warcraft.

The hunter is the major pet based class in World of Warcraft. They allow you to tame wild animals in the game and keep them as pets. These pets will fight alongside you and even die in your place when need be. They are the ultimate companion and add a whole different level of interactivity to the game. The types of pets you can tame range anywhere from crabs, birds, or big cats, all the way to bears or even a turtle. After a recent patch, they even made it so that most types of animals are very similar in ability, so you can just pick the one you think is the coolest. That means if you want to run around with a crab, it won’t make you any less effective anymore (the crabs used to be horrible!).

Hunters also get a wide range of abilities. Their main weapon is their bow or gun. You can choose to use either and both have their benefits (you won’t be hurt at all if you choose either one over the other). You currently have to have ammo in order to use your “ranged” weapon, but in a forthcoming patch, they will be changing it so that you only need 1 item instead of a stack of ammo. This will make the class less tedious in a small way and make it even more fun to play. Aside from their trusty bow and arrow, hunters can also lay down traps to capture, freeze, disorient, and cause other various ailments to their enemies. These traps are great for crowd control and also make PvP a lot of fun.

When you add up their DPS ability, the use of various pets, and their traps, it makes for a very different mechanic than most classes. Luckily, it is a mechanic that works, and works well. The best part is, Hunters are one of the easiest classes to level due to your pets sustainability and toughness in a fight. When leveling, most hunters will use their pets to tank which keeps them from dying in most instances. You simply sit back and pick off your enemies from afar as your pet mauls them in the face. That is why playing a hunter is so kewl. If we were choosing an ultimate class, hunter might have to be at the top of my list of choices.


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