How to Prepare For a New Cat

So, you’ve been thinking about it for months and the decision has finally been made. You are ready to expand your family and what better way than with a cat? Ask any cat lover, there’s nothing better than hearing that purr first thing in the morning or receiving head butts after a long day. For the most part, cats are easy to take care of, but there some things that you need to do before bringing your new feline friend home.

Cat-Proof the House
Sure, cats like to sleep twenty hours a day, but during those other four hours they can be quite playful. If you’re bringing home a kitten, you’ll discover it likes to play twenty hours of the day and sleep four. That’s why it’s important you cat-proof your home before hand, no matter how old your new cat is.

Begin by taking a look around your house. Check for hanging or dangling cords that could be entertainment for your cat and secure them so harm doesn’t come to your pet or the item itself. Cats jump and climb on furniture as well, so be sure breakable items are safe and secure. It is also a good idea to keep insect control and plants out of reach, as some plants are poisonous to cats. Take a look around your house for any other potential dangers and remove them. Don’t let curiosity kill your cat.

Shopping List
There is an array of things you can buy your cat from food and toys to furniture and grooming items, which can be picked up at your local super center or pet store. Here is a list of hairless cats for sale essential items you’ll need.

Purchase food that is especially made to fit your cat’s stage of life. Follow the instructions on the bag or orders given by your veterinarian. Of course, you’ll also need to purchase food and water bowls.

Litter Box and Litter
You’ll want to choose a litter box with high sides to keep the litter contained. However, if you’re bringing home a kitten, you’ll want to make sure it is accessible to them. Tip: to reduce odor, sprinkle baking soda into the litter box.

Cats pretty much groom themselves but there are things you can buy to minimize messes. Using a cat hairbrush is a great way to prevent hairballs, collect hair as well as sooth your cat. If you choose not to declaw your cat, a nail clippers is another great investment. It’s natural for cats to scratch and by keeping their nails short it will help control them from ruining your carpet and furniture. A scratching post and apple scent spray are other ways to prevent them from scratching your furniture.

It’s easy to go overboard when buying toys for your pets, especially those rambunctious kittens. A favorite among cats is the feather-on-a-stick toy as well as laser lights, toy mice and toys filled with cat nip.

Carrying Case
On your way home, you’ll discover cats don’t travel as well as dogs. In fact, they don’t travel well at all. That’s why it’s important to buy a carrying case for trips to the vet and else where.

Trip to the Vet
Before bringing your cat home, or shortly after, get them vaccinated and checked out by a licensed veterinarian, if they haven’t already. It’s important for your cat’s health as well as the health of other animals you may have in your home.

You don’t need to read an article instructing you on how to spoil a cat. However, here are small and inexpensive things my cat, Sassy, has enjoyed the last nine years (besides, what kind of cat owner would I be if I didn’t mention my furry friend?).

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