How to Create a More Luxurious Master Bathroom

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, a place for you to escape from the children, the laundry, the dishes, or the guests that just won’t seem to leave. Shouldn’t you consider upgrading your home and spending a few hours dedicated toward bathroom remodeling? If there’s little to no difference between the bathroom you use and the one the children use, then your bathroom is in definite need of a makeover. Follow these steps and you’ll transform your boring bathroom in to a luxurious, spa-like getaway.

Color Says It All

Most bathrooms are adorned in blindingly white fixtures. From white tiled floors and walls, to too bright lights and even white cabinets and sinks, the word “sterile” comes to mind. Color sets the mood and feel of the room. A deep, richly colored paint such as a calming blue or green will give off a sense of relaxation and serenity, as opposed to the stark, harsh neutral white tones. Tech New Master

Soften It Up

Just as most bathrooms are decorated in white fixtures, so too are most bathrooms covered wall to wall in hard surfaces. To give off the feeling of “luxury”, add soft touches. Plush area rugs and hang towels are ideal purchases to create a lavish feel.

Also, instead of typical white or neutral colored cabinet hardware, opt for a trendy marbled pattern that rivals even the priciest hotels in the nation.

Fancy Faucets & Fixtures

What’s a fancy master bathroom without top-of-the-line tubs, faucets and showers? Upgrade your current tub with a jetted bath tub. For the ultimate relaxing soak, purchase a spa pillow. If you’ve got a standing-only shower, purchase a detachable showerhead.

Newer sink models offer electronic faucets; these high-tech fixtures will avoid overflow as well as diminish the amount of water wasted while you’re brushing your teeth, or washing your hands. Additional sink models also feature designer ceramic, stone or marble vessel sinks. These sinks can be mounted above, partially above or even below the cabinet fixture.

Another way to transform your bathroom is by installing a new, advanced toilet. Some models come with automatic flush sensors, heated seats and lids, rear and front washing fixtures, air dryers and even deodorizers. When replacing or updating your toilet, also purchase new toilet paper holders in dark finishes to complete your bathroom’s inviting look and feel.

Warm & Cozy

Many master bathrooms have cold hard-tiled floors. In addition to plush rugs, consider purchasing heated floor maps placed below your flooring to keep your toes toasty warm. These heated mats work with tile, stone, laminate and even wood surfaces. If this option seems a little too luxurious, consider purchasing heated towel bars instead. This way, you can enjoy the pre-heated towel immediately after soaking in the tub or shower.

Illuminate the Room

Any bathroom needs good light fixtures. Install new light fixtures above or to the sides of your vanity and mirror. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of shadows on your face so you can properly apply makeup or shave your chin. Also, choose the right wattage of bulb. Avoid harsh overly strong bulbs as they may just look scary! By installing a light fixture with a dimmer switch, you can control how much you can or cannot see-and is ideal for setting a relaxing tone for a bath!

Cool Gadgets

Hotel master bathrooms feature nifty gadgets and tools that most homes do not have. Why not add these items to your bathroom as well? Fog-free mirrors are ideal for the on-the-go individual or family that needs to shower, dress and get ready quickly. Instead of airing out the bathroom or waiting for fog to clear, these fog-free mirrors eliminate waiting time, getting you out the door faster. Another bathroom gadget is a tooth brush sanitizing unit. These compact, decorative units eliminate germs and grim typically found on everyday toothbrushes.


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