How to Bring Two Cats Together and Make Them Friends

Many cat owners have faced the problem to keep two cats in the same time. In this article we will share the way we managed to do this.

We have A Burmese cat named maine coon cat for sale Sid that we have taken from a friend of ours. We have it for a few months now. He/she is quite spoiled; the pet lives inside and is taken out with a leash.

Some time ago a friend of my wife had to stay at home for a while, and she asked if she could take her cat, too. The cat is a male tabby that resembles Manx with a tail. We have read about keeping two cats together and I knew it would be a real challenge and it may take months before the cats get used with each other. The task was hard – we had an outside male that is not neutered and an inside spoiled Burmese cat. So keep reading to find out how we turned the two cats into friends.

1. Each cat need to have their own space, so we provided this space in our basement.

2. Our friend brought the food bowl, the litter box and the toys of her pet because each cat should have their own bowl and litter box.

3. Our friend brought the new one into the new room and kept him there for 1-2 days, so the cat could get used to the new environment.

4. We allowed the cats to meet two days after the male came into the house. The first meeting was very brief; the cats just smelled each other and hissed.

5. Then we met the pets in the house each day for about a week in order to make them get used with each other.

6. During this week, the cats were ready to fight at any opportunity; however we were prepared to not allow fights.

7. A week later they started rubbing on each other in order to exchange scents.

8. Then, gradually, they started playing and chasing each other.

9. At the end, the two cats started playing together on the cat tree, now they sleep next to each other and stay at the window together.

No doubt, bringing two cats together is not an easy job and it requires some time. If you have decided to keep two cats together, you should be very patient because the process of blending them is a slow one. The cat that lives in your home from a longer time will act like he or she owns everything there. In our case, Sid didn’t allow Tabby to play on the cat tree and with the toys. However, after some time the cats became friends and had a lot of fun together. You will need time to make the cats share. This process looks like teaching two kids to live together and share their toys.

Six months have passed since we brought Tabby home and how the two cats are best friends.

Who would believe such thing could happen? An inside spoiled cat and an outside unneutered cat – it was a hard task but it all worked. Now the two cats eat from the same bowl, they use each other’s litter box and if one of the cats is missing, the other is looking for it. The cats play together, chase each other and entertain us. It would be a great idea to take another cat if you already own one. Cats love getting friends and this will make them happier. I’m sure now that two form those lovely pets are better than one.

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