Georgia Tech Apartments – Yellow Jackets Flying Near the Hive

Georgia Tech sits nestled right in the middle of Atlanta, making cheap housing more difficult to find than universities and colleges that are based in a less metropolitan area. That being said, Atlanta residents are very proud of their home town university and there are options available for students looking for Georgia Tech apartments, both on and off of the main campus.

Even though rents in Atlanta aren’t exactly cheap, the good news is that for students who are looking for some off campus Georgia Tech apartments there are affordable options within walking distance of the main part of campus. By reasonable, that means if you do a little bit of homework you should be able to find a decent place that has a rent in the $350-$550 range (bearing in mind that’s excluding utilities, Internet, phone, etc).

If you’re close to campus, chances are any roommates you have will also likely be Georgia Tech students, which can make the living arrangements easier. Most of the areas are considered safe, although the “Homepark” area has some negative notoriety, so do your research and make sure that the area is one you feel comfortable in and can be safe at.

Georgia Tech apartments tend to be highly sought after, so you will want to make sure to search far and wide to see what the best deals available are, and if you see an excellent deal that’s open in a good place, snatch it up!Techmaster60

Many of the Georgia Tech apartments on campus are some of the best moderately priced apartments in all of Atlanta. Currently Georgia Tech houses more than 16,000 students, and the surrounding apartments hold a good number of those students, as well. There are also apartments close by that aren’t officially related to the University that love renting to students. In fact, some of them only allow Georgia Tech schools to rent during the actual school year.

This is what helps give students looking to attend Georgia Tech so many options as to living situations. The actual Georgia Tech apartments are great student apartments with the customary set up you can expect from a normal student apartment at a University. A main living area, your own bedroom, and shared kitchen shared among all the roommates.

There are also Georgia Tech student rentals that act just like a normal apartment, giving you your own space for the entire area. These will be smaller than shared Georgia Tech apartments, but generally also quite a bit larger than your average freshman dorm rooms. So the good news is that if you are looking to be a Yellow Jacket, your choices in apartments are numerous.



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