Eating And Drinking Habits

Eating and drinking is probably more favorite than sex. Sex is more intense, but food satisfies on a daily basis and that often three or more times a day. The art is to vary kinds of food, from the ordinary to the exquisite, from water to wine and back. It is up to the individual Christian whether one believes in fasting or not. Some people fast not on religious grounds, but for reasons of health.

On the left side of the golden mean in these matters there is unhealthy business that can deteriorate. Some people literally want to be like animals, they strive for this and they eat raw meat. There is nothing wrong with appreciating filet americain, but if one entertains a predilection for raw meat, then there is something seriously wrong with you. In the desert the Israelites of ancient times ate raw quails and the judgment of God came over them. Cannibalism is rare and very criminal of course. But on the right there is the rare Hindu idea of attempting to live off air as such. People that believe in that seem to have a suicide wish and at least are very desperate. The apostle Paul states that those that eat meat, should not despise those that only want to consume vegetables (like the Seventh Day Adventists). But the vegetarians should not condemn those that eat meat. Also here one can get trapped by extreme life styles such as veganism and even diets on juices only (of course pure juices, not the sugary junk that you buy in the super market). But even this can serve for a good temporary purpose.

Out of routine one can develop lopsided eating and drinking habits, such as eating too many hamburgers and drinking too much cola. But John the Baptist fared well with a diet on wild honey and grasshoppers. But of course, when back out of the desert also he must have enjoyed a sturdy dinner. I remember when young that sugar was a treat. Now people in the Western World have become sweet tooths and that to such an extent that it is dangerous. Sugar can even be found in sambal. But our habits are difficult to break. But we must, if we want to be serious about our national and individual health.

Diets such as the one by Dr. Atkins are dangerous for one’s blood pressure, not to mention one’s heart. Many are the souls that have tried alternative food styles by will-o’-the-wisps out of a desperate desire to lose weight or to gain their health back. I admit that these are confusing times to acquire knowledge about healthy diets. In Japan people learn already about food from a young age. People like Jamie Oliver face an uphill  먹튀커뮤니티   battle against food moguls and lethargic eaters. Also we tend to go for cheap rubbish instead of things that are good for us. But what is wiser, to save money in the short run and to run up expensive medical bills once one is older; or to go for health, energy and a general feeling of well being?

Many go from one extreme to the next and get stranded in exaggerated training of the body. Also to the detriment of quality time with one’s family and study opportunities for one’s career. Some resort to anabolic steroids just to look healthy and strong and in the process they ruin their body and deviate from their original intentions. Insanity training is just that, insanity.

From a biblical perspective there is found some healthy advise. Once in a while make merry on the occasion of a birth day or wedding. Get tipsy once in a while (unless you are a reformed alcoholic), but let the situation not get out of hand. The Bible warns against over doing it, but also advertises a jolly good dose of merriment once in while. Paul advises Timothy, his convert, to drink a bit of wine for the sake of his health. Then Solomon states that the righteous person eats to satisfaction of his soul. That means we should not keep eating to still our nerves or to eat too much habitually to deal with a deeper problem of emotional pain. To resolve the latter we are advised to live off every word that comes out of the mouth of God.


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