Brushing Your English Bulldog Puppy

Trying to brush an energetic puppy that barely sits still can be a challenge for any who have tried. How are you supposed to manage their shedding Frenchie for sale when your English Bulldog puppy is rolling, running and biting at the brush? It just takes a few tricks!

The first step to brushing your English Bulldog puppy is finding a brush that is suitable for his short, thin coat. Regular brushes may not do the trick since the coat is so short. Rubber brushes or gloves can do wonders for shorter coat breeds. These loosen the dead hair from the coat and stick to the rubber knobs so clumps of your puppy are not all over the carpet. The trick to using these is to massage in a circular motion to loosen the hair and massage the skin allowing the much needed oils to come to the surface and coat the new hair.

Now that you have the right brush, how do you get your English Bulldog puppy to sit still long enough to brush him? Trying to groom him when he is a playful mood will never work. He will think the brush is some kind of new, fun toy that he must attack and try to steal. Allow for some extra playtime the day of your brushing routine to really tire him out. After dinner when he is passed out in his favorite chair or the best place on the couch, sit down beside him and gently pet him, head to tail. Allow him to relax and fall back to sleep. When he is completely relaxed, bring out the brush and start to brush him in very slow, long strokes – just as if you were petting him. He may look to see what this new device is on his skin. Do not say or do anything, just continue as if you were petting him until he lies back down and relaxes.

Once your English Bulldog puppy is completely relaxed, you can start the real brushing to loosen up that hair and get it free from your pup. Once your puppy learns that the brush feels good and is like a massage, he will relax even more. If you start your brushing routines in this way, he will associate brushing with positives and start to love the time spent grooming.

The key to keeping your dog calm while getting brushed is for you to stay calm as well. Your dog feeds off of your energy, just as any other animal. If you are calm and relaxed, he will eventually follow your lead.

Brushing your two or three times per week for short times at first will introduce him to the brush, the routine and how he should behave which makes for excellent grooming routines in the future!

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