Bathroom Ceramic Tile – 6 Applications

Bathroom ceramic tile is often used in five different applications. This article discusses each application and some choices you can make. Bathroom ceramic tile in your home is both beautiful and very ceramic vase practical. Nothing else can match the beauty and the great variety of colors, textures, designs and shapes possible with tile construction. Especially in bathrooms, ceramic tile can’t be matched as a durable and useful surface. Tile On Counter Tops Tile bathroom counter tops are very practical. Many times porcelain tile is used on counter tops. Porcelain tile is tile that is fired under certain conditions. The surface or finish of porcelain tile is very slick and glass-like. Because of that slick finish, porcelain tile wipes off very easily, which is great for clean-up in a bathroom. Porcelain tile comes in many types of trim shapes, suitable for trimming edges and trays in bathrooms. But other kinds of tiles are used on bathroom counter tops. Granite and marble tiles are good on counter tops. Even floor tiles are fine. Just think about how you will trim the tile around the edges. An epoxy grout is great for bathroom counter tops. Epoxy grout is stain proof and waterproof, perfect for use anywhere in a bathroom. Ceramic Tile on Bathroom Floors Bathroom floors get wet, making ceramic tile a perfect floor covering choice. Make sure to select a tile with some texture so it won’t be slick. Installation goes under the commode edge. The commode must be removed to install the tile. This is a good time to replace the commode mounting hardware and seal. Again, epoxy grout is perfect for the floor grout since it’s waterproof. Tile On Walls Bathroom walls are a great place for tile. Especially in a steamy shower environment, The moisture will not bother the ceramic tile wall at all. A ceramic tile wall is virtually a no maintenance surface. And porcelain is ultra easy to clean. Ceramic Tile On Tub And Shower Surrounds Maintaining many kinds of tub surrounds is a constant battle. But not ceramic tile on the tub surround. Just a simple wipe down occasionally is all that’s required. Also built in trays and racks can be fitted to the ceramic tile tub surround to make it both beautiful and useful. Ceramic Tile Showers Ceramic tile showers can be installed quickly and at reasonable costs. The standard method of building ceramic tile showers includes building a masonry shower floor over a waterproof membrane, called a shower pan liner. The shower floor will last a long time with very little maintenance. The only real maintenance required is to keep the grout sealed to prevent deterioration of the grout. Do It Yourself Bathroom Tile It is very possible for a handy person to learn to do bathroom ceramic tile installation. There are just a few steps to the process and a few tools to acquire if you wish to do tile installation yourself. There are some tricks to installing ceramic tile, but nothing that you can’t learn. Just like many other home improvement projects, a handy person can do a professional ceramic tile installation job. You may be slower than a pro, but your finished work can be just as good. Maybe even better, since you can take all the time you need and you aren’t in a hurry. Installing ceramic tile is just done in steps. If you understand the steps, you can do a great job. You can enjoy the satisfaction of bathroom ceramic tile installation done right. Plus save some money and not have strangers in your house! Are you ready to enjoy bathroom ceramic tile in your home. I’ve enjoyed ceramic tile in my bathroom most of my life and it’s an affordable luxury.  

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