Article Marketing – Use it to Establish Your Article Writing Career

Do you want to build a great career just by writing web articles? You can. Some writers make six-figure incomes and you can reach that level too. However, you do need to promote the services you offer.

One of the most effective ways to promote your services is with article marketing.

1. What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a method of using articles as advertising. Your articles offer useful information, and they must be original. Essentially, you offer information in return for the opportunity to advertise.

All the advertising is done at the end of the article, in the resource box, which is also known as the “bio”.

Over the years article marketing as a form of advertising has fallen in and out of fashion. However, dollar for dollar, it’s still the best form of advertising. This is because your articles will stay online for years, so no other promotional method can match it.

For example: I’m still making sales from articles I wrote way back in 2001. Let’s say that an article I wrote in 2001 took me reddit essay writing service an hour to write. At my article writing rates, that’s worth $150. If, instead of taking time and writing, I’d purchased ads, that $150 would be long gone, because once you stop advertising your sales stop.

2. Why Is It Important to Use This Marketing Method?

If you’re selling your article writing services, people want to know that you can indeed write articles. Therefore the more visible you are online as a writer the better. People want to see your name pop up in Google and the other search engines.

All your articles act as sales tools for you, this week, next month, and for years to come.

3. How Many Articles Should You Write?

This is an easy question to answer: as many articles as you have the time to write. Since each article is a sales tool for you, the more articles you write the more people will know about the services you offer.

Here’s a tip: segment your target market into as many segments as possible.


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