5 Tips to Target Your Body Cleanse

Doing a body cleanse can give you many benefits – if you tailor your cleanse to match your goals. It is possible to design a program, tailored to meet your personal needs. But first, it is important to learn some body cleansing basics.

A body cleanse can mean many things. It can mean cleansing your colon, your blood, your lymph, your liver or your kidneys. You can do this in many ways from fasting or a simple change in diet to using body work such as massage or colonics. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your desired benefits from your personal body cleanse.

Tip #1 – If your goal is weight loss, then a dietary change may be your first step to body cleansing. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and it takes time. But the results can be phenomenal. Other top reported results include increased energy, glowing skin and an anti-aging effect.

This is because junk foods and processed foods contain many chemicals that can harm our health. The more processed a food is – the less real food and nutrition it contains. The excess chemicals and lack of nutrients makes these foods more difficult to digest, which can cause your metabolism to become sluggish.

Eliminating these junk foods from your diet means less free radicals that can cause oxidative damage, which prematurely ages your skin. You also eliminate the chemicals that can build up on your thyroid or even imitate hormones which can drastically slow your metabolism. This makes weight gain too easy and weight loss too hard.

Eating healthy cleansing foods such as fresh, whole, organic fruits and vegetables, organic whole grains, gluten free, organic grains and fresh unprocessed proteins helps your body function the way it is supposed to. These foods can fuel and then speed up your metabolism since they are easier for your body to digest.

Tip #2 – Add supplements to your diet to enhance the power of your cleanse and even help your body heal itself. These may include nutritional supplements that cleanse and some that add nutrition. Some of these can absorb toxins, making it easier to get rid of them. Others add nutrition so your body’s own systems that detox and cleanse can work better.

Supplemental, nutritional fibers help absorb toxins while clearing waste. They have the ability to soften old build up in the intestinal tract so your body can eliminate it. Some fibers, such as psyllium, also feed your good bacteria. These bacteria are part of your immune system, so you want them strong.

Whole food vitamins and green super foods add nutrition that your body can easily absorb. Extra nutrition is necessary if you have health issues or if you are attempting to heal. This is because it takes ten times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to just function on a day-to-day basis.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are another nutrient essential for healing and body cleansing. They reduce inflammation which, when out of control, can lead to chronic disease. EFA’s also help your cells purge toxins that make you fat and can even cause health problems. Adding a supplement can give your body the extra it needs to reverse problems.

Tip #3 – Some people cleanse their bodies for better health, stronger immunity and to handle stress better. Use massage and lymphatic drainage to help your body cleanse and eliminate toxins and waste quicker. Both of these literally push toxins out of the muscles and can have numerous health benefits.

Massage helps relax you, which results in fewer stress toxins circulating through your body. It increases blood flow so your blood then carries more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Both of these actions help your body cleanse and may even help your body cleanse quicker.

Lymphatic drainage is said to break up crystallization that can accumulate in your lymph fluid, causing it to become sluggish. It may also enhance the flow of lymphatic fluid. Your lymph is responsible to carry your protector cells through your body and carries waste out of your body. If it is not in good working order, sickness and disease can set in easier.

Tip #4 – Colon therapy can help those with chronic constipation, or  通渠 other health issues. It is a type of hygiene practice that can enhance your body cleanse. It is said to help clear the intestinal tract and restore tonality to the muscles that are involved in the movement of this tract. This ensures that waste moves out before it can cause problems.

Many people have reported weight loss when this practice is done properly. If your colon is not working properly, your entire body can back up. Toxins will get stored in fat cells, muscle tissue and where ever else your body can find. Opening up your channels of elimination can help your body work the way it was intended, by constantly eliminating waste instead of storing it as weight.

Tip #5 – Many people use saunas as a way of body cleansing. They are proven to safely increase circulation which is important for transporting nutrients in and waste out.

Proponents of sauna therapies report clearer, healthier skin. This is due to the increased circulation. Saunas are also said to help your body remove harmful chemicals, pesticides and metals. This may also be due to increased circulation. An interesting noted benefit is mental sharpness while feeling relaxed at the same time.


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