10 Tips to Save Gas and When is a Tire Not Just a Tire?

The fact is we all drive cars powered by gas, diesel, or biofuel. And since the majority of us are not out there developing the next form of energy, we need to conserve the fuel we use now. One of the biggest expenses is our cars, so let us start saving there.

10 Basic ways to save fuel in your car are as follows:

1) Properly inflate your tires – can save 1 to 2 mpg and extend the life of your tires. More on this later.

2) Proper tire tread – insert a penny into the tread of your tire, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head you need new tires. Some experts think you should do this with a quarter.

3) Purchasing the correct fuel – most cars do not need a high octane fuel (check your owners manual), using eeFuel by Fuel Legacy can make all octane levels work more efficiently.

4) Reduce resistance – Remove ski racks and luggage storage containers when not in use.

5) Check your gas cap – gas evaporates from old, cracked or not secure gas caps. Turn your gas cap four times to assure it is tightened properly. Consider getting a 롤대리 locking gas cap to prevent siphoning.

6) Use your manufacturers recommended grade of motor oil.

7) Avoid idling – a good rule of thumb is if you plan to idle for more than a minute shut your car off. Go into the bank or fast food restaurant, don’t use the drive-up. Put the car in park at red lights.

8) Keep extra weight out of your trunk – just carry emergency items.

9) Slow down – I’m not asking you to go 55mph, you might be a victim of road rage if you don’t cause an accident first. But be reasonable, stay back so that you don’t have to brake as often, and use cruise control when you can.

10) Maintenance – Pay now or pay later!!!! Keep your car on a regular maintenance program and you will save fuel, save energy and save money. Just installing a new air filter can show measurable fuel savings.

What you don’t know about your tires can hurt and cost you! Last fall I took my son to an advanced driving school. Other than being a great driving course, the instructor talked about tires. He explained tires are probably the most important item on the car because they are your only contact with the road. I should have known this but how often did I put off new tires until I got a flat? Well it turns out there is a lot more to tires than driving into a tire store and buying tires off the rack. Buying the right tire can save your life, save fuel, save energy and save money.

All Season vs. Snow Tires

Most of us have been buying all season tires to save money and time on snow tires. The fact is that all season tires are a compromise. There is no substitute for a snow tire in cold climates, they are just safer. And there is no substitute for performance tires in summer, they are just safer. We all need to budget to switch tires with each season. Either we have two sets of rims with two sets of tires and designated storage space. Or we have to pay to have the tires mounted twice a year on the same set of rims and have designated storage space. Blessed are the people who live in climate without excessive cold or heat.

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